What is Zoom Locate?

Zoom Locate is a simple service that allows registered users to submit a mobile number and view the location of that phone on a map. It is particularly useful to people who habitually forget to pick up their phone when leaving places (home, office, bar etc), and who want to check if the phone has been left somewhere, or stolen.

How does Zoom Locate work?

Zoom Locate uses cell-ID to locate a mobile cell phone to within a certain transmission cell. Accuracy is greater in areas of high population density (e.g. large towns and cities), and reduces as population density reduces (e.g. in the countryside).

The Zoom Locate service will only work when the mobile device is switched on and registered to a network. If a phone is switched off, we will display the last known location, and the time/date the phone was last seen on the network. If the phone has been switched off for a long period of time, we will not be able to locate the phone.

Do you have an app I can install?

You don't need an app for Zoom Locate. The site is fully accessible through a mobile browser, but if you want a shortcut to your account, simply click the browser menu button, and then select "Add to homescreen" (or similar option). This will create a "web app" for your phone for easy access to Zoom Locate.

How long does it take to Zoom Locate?

Our phone location tool works almost instantly. We get the location data direct from the mobile networks, and this is updated constantly.

Will Zoom Locate work with any phone?

Zoom Locate will not work with landline numbers. It will only give the location of mobile cell phones registered to a US mobile cell network. Zoom Locate does not require the user to install any apps or other software.

Can I use Zoom Locate to track people without them knowing?

Only registered users can use the Zoom Locate tracking tool. A mobile cell phone must be verified with us before it can be tracked.

For security reasons, each time a number is located a freenotification SMS text message is sent to that number.

How many phones can I track?

You can track up to 5 mobile cell phones with your Zoom Locate account.

How do I track another phone?

Simply log into your account, and then enter the phone number of another phone into the "Add another phone" form. Each new phone will be sent a free code in a text message, and you will need to enter the code into this website to confirm you own the phone.

How do I join?

Click here if you want to track a mobile cell phone.

What are the T&C's?

Click here to read our terms and conditions on using the Zoom Locate service.

How do I cancel my account?

We'd be very sad to see you leave, but there are no minimum term contracts here, so you are free to leave whenever you choose. Simply login and go to the Account Info page and click the "Close account" button.

I have another question. How do I contact you?

Visit our Contact page if you would like to speak to, or email, one of our helpful customer service representatives.